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Like many women, I absolutely love fashion and I know that the clothes we wear each day can play a big part in us feeling beautiful. I also strongly believe that we can achieve this without harming the environment, people and animals and without any compromise to the quality of our garments.

Of course, I too did not personally realise the effect that my habits were having on the planet and those around me and truthfully, it was only after self educating myself through documentaries and undertaking a fashion and sustainability course that I realised my habits had to change. I realised that I couldn't truly feel confident in clothes which had been made in circumstances were another person was exploited.

The more I learnt about the negative impact that the fast fashion industry had on the environment, people and animals the more it pushed me to want to start my own label which upheld these values. As you can read on our Sustainability Page, I wanted to make the label as close to 100% sustainable as possible.

Anyone who knows me would also know that I am a big animal lover and I am a vegetarian. I was therefore very eager to make a label which was also cruelty free and vegan - which we achieved!

My goal is to be one of the most eco-friendly and transparent fashion labels in Australia and with your support, I know we can achieve this together!

If you love what you have seen, or would love to see more of a particular style, design or size, please feel free to drop me an email at as I would love nothing more than for my label to evolve and be driven by my customer base!

I can't wait for my label to grow and thank you in advance for choosing to support a sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free Australian made clothing label. I look forward to sharing my journey with you!

Teshani xx