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We may be a small business, but this has not stopped us from finding ways to continually improve our products and minimise our environmental footprint.  As we grow our small business, we want to continue to implement positive changes in terms of sustainability and transparency. There are still many initiatives we are developing in the background so we would encourage you to watch this space throughout 2021. 

Manufacturing and Pattern Making:

We are proud to be a Brisbane owned and Brisbane made label. All our manufacturing and pattern making is done with DNA Manufacturing who have the Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation.  Our label also has the Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation so you can be assured that throughout our supply chain we are legally compliant and all the workers are working in safe conditions.


When choosing a fabric supplier we did a lot of research and chose to work with a local supplier - Potter Textiles to source our linen.  Simon, the owner of Potters, has been in the business for 25 years and has built up a solid relationship with the mills they work with and sourcing agents.  They source their flax from France and Belgium and it is sent to China to be milled.

They only use 3 to 4 different mills to produce their linen as they can trust them on quality. All the mills for linen meet the Oeko-Tex 100 standard. This standard is checked yearly and mills can supply certifications on request anytime of year.

As part of the mills meeting the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard their dyes have to meet this too. All of their mills use the dye brand DyStar which is Oeko-Tex certified.  As Simon also regularly visits the mills we have the assurance from Potters that the workers are working in ethical and safe conditions.

For our custom prints for our Ahimsa Collection we sourced our linen fabric from Sericin Silk.  This fabric has been milled and digitally printed in China. Sericin also regularly visits their printing factories and we have the assurance from them that the workers are working in ethical and safe conditions.


Did you know that most elastic used to make clothes is wrapped in polyester? 

For our new collection we have sourced new elastic that is environmentally friendly and made from cotton and natural rubber. This elastic also has the Oeko Tex Standard 100 certification so we can be assured no harmful chemicals were used in it's production process. It is biodegradable and plastic free and a responsible alternative to conventional polyester elastics. We sourced our elastic from James Tailoring which is a company founded on the idea of bringing together the very best in responsible sewing products to clothing designers and makers. Their aim is to create a responsible, ethical and sustainable choice for the garment industry.

Thank you Notes

Our thank you notes are made from 100% post consumer recycled paper.  We sourced our thank you notes through Vistaprint. 


We currently use the Australian owned compostable packaging company- Hero Packaging for all our parcel packaging.


We are proud to use Sendle which is Australia's first 100% carbon neutral shipping service. They are a certified B Corporation and you can be assured you are getting your goods whilst caring for the planet.

Waste and End of Life

One of the many benefits of manufacturing locally is we don’t have huge minimum quantities required and we always do small runs. Once we are sold out or have extra demand we produce more. This is one method we use to avoid additional waste. Our patternmaker also ensures that when the patterns are laid out they make the best use of fabric to reduce the amount of fabric wastage. We also have our off cuts made into scrunchies for our customers.

We are also looking into ways to make use of our end rolls of fabric to make gifts for customers or smaller items for our online store. Any longer rolls of fabric that can’t be used by us to make other items will be donated to The Social Studio to help them continue the amazing work they do.

We are currently looking into more ways to reduce our waste and offer more solutions to our customers and we hope to have more initiatives to share with you very soon.

Take Back Program

Since Launching our label we’ve wanted to offer our customers a take back program to ensure any Luna and Sun clothes that can’t be mended, swapped or upcycled can be taken back and recycled.

We are very proud to say we now will offer all our customers a take back program so they can send us back any Luna and Sun items that they can no longer wear, mend, swap or upcycle and we will send these to Textile Recyclers Australia to recycle.

Textile Recyclers Australia’s mission is to keep as much textile & apparel out of landfill.

If any of the items they receive can be used for a second life, they will be shipped overseas to Africa or The Pacific Islands.

For items that can’t be reused, the material is broken down mechanically into a form that can be up-cycled into a new product.

They are creating a circular economy and there is no landfill. They also support apparel take back programs for traditional and online retailers such as Uniqlo, Sheridan, Manrags, Yarra Trams and many other uniform suppliers.