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Ethical Dresses

Why You Need to Invest in Ethical Dresses Made in Australia

Fashion isn't just about looking good; it's a form of expression and who you are as an individual. Choosing to include ethical dresses in Australia in your wardrobe helps you reflect who you are while still being kind to the people who made your clothes and the environment.

Important Facts About Sustainable Dresses in Australia

Before getting into why you should choose sustainable clothing, here are some interesting facts about it you may not have already known:

• You may have an idea that fashion plays a role in pollution, but did you know that the fashion industry is the third-highest industry that pollutes the Earth? This fact is precisely why more fashion companies should be looking at eco-friendly solutions to this massive problem. Sustainable fashion is the key to preserving our precious planet.

• There's always a first for everything. The American clothing company Patagonia cemented itself as a trailblazing company when it became the first brand to use plastic bottles for polyester fleece in 1993. Since then, other brands have been inspired and followed suit, creating entire ranges of sustainable clothing that is both stylish and eco-friendly.

• Cotton is a popular fabric choice, but it's not necessarily the most gentle on the environment. It can take up to 3 000 litres of water to make just one cotton shirt. Match that statistic with how many items of cotton clothing you own. It makes for a scary realisation that the way we produce clothes and approach fashion needs to change, and change starts with the fashion brands producing the clothing.

When you choose to purchase clothing from a company that focuses on sustainability, you do your part to protect the environment and ecosystem.

When you choose to purchase clothing from a company that focuses on sustainability, you do your part to protect the environment and ecosystem.

Sustainable dresses are an obvious choice if you wish to do your part for the environment while engaging in freedom of expression through your sense of style. Here are some advantages to sustainable clothes:

• Buying an ethical dress for ladies does a world of good in ways you may not have initially thought of. Firstly, the clear benefit of turning to sustainable clothes reaches far more than persevering water. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 800 000 tonnes of leather, fabric and rubber waste was thrown away between the 2018-2019 financial year. Using materials that are not harmful to the environment decreases the impact on the ecosystem because they are biodegradable.

• Quality is essential in clothing too, and luckily, asustainable black dresslike our Mya Dress provides just that. Besides the benefits of how eco-friendly clothing aids in conservation, they are known for the quality fabrics used. Sustainable materials are longer-lasting and more durable, helping you save money on constantly buying new clothes due to wear and tear.

• Additionally, an underrated benefit to investing in awrap dress that's sustainable, besides the associated confidence boost, is the peace of mind it brings. Wrap dresses also suit a variety of shapes and sizes and are great even to wear whilst pregnant. You'll also be content in knowing that you're supporting an eco-friendly company that isn't exacerbating the already severe pollution and Co2 crisis.

Choosing sustainable clothing benefits both you as the consumer and the environment simultaneously.

What You Can Expect From Luna + Sun

Luna + Sun knows how vital conversation is, along with quality clothing. These are only some ways we can provide you with elegant pieces that are kind to the environment:

• Sustainable summer dresses don't necessarily end up compromising on visual appeal if bought from the right place. Our dresses are versatile, offering bold colours and patterned dresses of varying lengths to suit whatever your sense of taste is. Feel comfortable yet confident thanks to our elegant, laid-back dresses.

• Since clothing is an extension of who you are, we don't stop at just creating eco-friendly dresses. Our entire brand is ethically made and eco-friendly and includes tops, jumpsuits, pants, skirts, kaftans and accessories to finish off whatever look you're going for.

• Specifically, our elegant outfits are created from plant-based fabrics that feel gentle to the touch and look exceptional. Using this fabric ensures clothing free from toxins, allowing it to be kind to sensitive skin and the environment. The labels we use are made from organic cotton, too, for extra consideration.

Our brand values both your unique style as an individual, the people who make our clothes and the environment, which is why we've created a label that celebrates all these aspects without compromise.

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Luna + Sun aims to emphasise conservation and ethical fashion by producing sustainable, tasteful pieces to suit your sense of style. Whether you're looking for a casual dress or a more formal dress for a night out, we have something for you.

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