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Look Stylish With Quality Maternity Clothes in Australia

You can look trendy and feel comfortable with our exceptional quality maternity clothes in Australia. We offer a wide range of styles and sizes so that you can select the ideal outfit to suit your growing bump, personality and lifestyle. You can also rest assured knowing that Ethical Clothing Australia accredits our brand, and our stylish breastfeeding-friendly blouse, pants, jumpsuits, and dresses are ethically and sustainability made. We continually find ways to reduce our impact on the environment and improve our customer service, from sourcing natural fabrics to using compostable packaging and neutral carbon delivery.

Tips Regarding Comfortable Pregnancy Outfits

Consider our tips when shopping for maternity and breastfeeding clothing in Australia.

Decide the ideal time to buy maternity clothes:As no two mothers or bodies are the same, deciding when to buy maternity clothing can depend on your current wardrobe fits and how comfortable you feel in your garments. However, if you're finding that you can't do up the top of your pants, your bump starts to show below your blouse or you can't do up the buttons on your shirt, these are a few signs that you may be ready to invest in some quality and comfortable maternity wear. These indications usually happen around the 20-week mark when your uterus is around the navel level and is an ideal time to start buying clothes as you may begin seeing the shape of your baby bump.

Select your maternity size:As a general rule, you can buy your regular size in maternity clothing. However, keep in mind that everyone's bump and body grow differently, so when shopping online, be sure to review a store's size chart and their return policy. With this information, you can make an informed decision when selecting quality clothing and, if necessary, exchange the item for another size if it's not quite a comfortable fit.

Invest in quality clothing:Having several comfortable and quality pieces of maternity clothing in your wardrobe that can expand as your bump grows can save you the hassle of making numerous shopping trips throughout your pregnancy. Quality fabric and manufacturing can also ensure that the item maintains its shape and is long-lasting, so you can even potentially wear it throughout numerous other pregnancies.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Ethical Maternity Clothes

We provide exceptional customer service to ensure that you have an enjoyable shopping experience.

We provide ethically made maternity clothes:We are passionate about providing fair trade maternity clothes to women in Australia. We have an open and honest policy, showing transparency throughout our entire clothing process from fabric to delivery. As an ethical clothing brand, we source our linen fabrics from a trusted local supplier, Potters, who has more than 25 years of experience working in the industry. They obtain their materials from ethical farms in France and Belgium then have them milled by four different mills to ensure exceptional quality. We get our custom printed fabric from Sericin Silk for our Ahimsa Collection who maintain strict ethical and safe working conditions.

We provide a wide selection of styles and sizes:You can readily shop for comfortable and quality made maternity and breastfeeding friendly clothes from our selection of styles. We offer a wide range of clothing in various sizes and colours, including gorgeous flowing blouses, dresses, jumpsuits, kaftans, and more. Each pattern and style is created with DNA manufacturing, natural fabrics, and environmentally friendly elastic made from cotton and natural rubber.

We offer an excellent return policy:When shopping online for maternity clothes, it is difficult to know your ideal size, which is why we provide a detailed description of each item, a comprehensive size chart, and a straightforward return policy. You can exchange your items for another size or return them for a full refund within seven days of delivery. If you live locally, we offer a home fitting room service to try on our clothing range.

You can browse our clothing collections online from the comfort of your home.

Why Trust Luna + Sun Regarding Nursing Clothes in Australia?

We provide ethically made and exceptional quality clothing in Australia that is perfect for expectant and nursing mothers. We take care to source our fabrics from trusted suppliers and keep our environmental footprint small while producing stylish and sustainable clothes. Our vegan-friendly clothing label loves to support other communities, so we partner with One Tree Planted and donate a portion of our profits to WWF. We contribute to several other charitable organisations throughout the year. We also offer a take-back program where our clothing, which can't be repaired or upcycled, is sent to the Textile Recyclers in Australia rather than ending up in the landfill.

Contact us with any enquiries or shop our quality maternity clothing online.