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What Sets Us Apart Regarding Linen Pants Women

At Luna + Sun, all our products, including our linen pants for women, are made from natural fabrics that ensure compliance with the standards set out by Oeko-Tex that certify that all our products are free from harmful substances such as dyes and carcinogens. In addition, we make sure all our garments are safe for the people and the environment. You will receive your items in 100% compostable tissue paper and packaging. We also do our manufacturing through DNA Manufacturing, and they are a proud Ethical Clothing Australia accredited manufacturer in Brisbane.

Benefits of Ethically Made Pants

We often overlook the manufacturing process of clothing and where it comes from, and these are critical points to noticing if the process is ethical. Mass-produced clothing does cost a lot less than our smaller brands; however, the lasting negative impact the fashion industry has on people, the environment and animals are what we aim to change. For this, we will look at the main benefits of ethically made linen pants.

  • Linen is one of the strongest natural fibres, and some say linen drawstring pants get even more robust with every wash. With the solid and sturdy material, you will benefit from having pants that last you many summers.
  • The fibre of linen comes from the stalks of flax plants. With flax seeds and oils being so popular for health benefits, there is little to no wastage of the plant itself, which creates a lesser environmental impact than cotton. Linen is also more resilient as it can grow in poorer soils with very little fertiliser.
  • Linen is a breathable and absorbent fabric; the fibres are hollow, allowing for a lot more airflow throughout your body, which avoids the material getting damp as it dries out very quickly. White linen pants are the perfect touch for any warm summer day, no matter where you are going.
  • You can also rest assured that the people who made your pants were receiving the correct pay, legal entitlements and working in safe conditions.

Tips for Styling Linen Wide-Leg Pants

Pairing your linen pants with the perfect top and accessories is necessary to avoid having a pyjama day at the office. With wide-leg linen pants or even terracotta linen pants, you can easily create a fashionable look with the right tips and tricks.

  • Add a harder texture to your outfit or some accessories, such as jewellery or a hat. Even a leather or denim jacket would look stunning with our linen pants.
  • If you're going for a casual style, you should stick to a more basic top. However, if you are wearing your linen pants to the office or somewhere a bit fancier, you should pair them with a nice blouse. Don't think of your linen pants as lazy pants; on the contrary, for this outfit, think of them as the chicest pants you own.
  • Linen pants are also great for working from home as they are comfortable yet dressy enough for an impromptu Zoom Meeting.
  • When wearing linen pants, it's best to avoid overly loose tops, even with slim-fit pants. The top doesn't have to be skin-tight, but if it's a baggy t-shirt or an oversized blouse, you may fade into the clothing and not stand out. So instead, look for a top that's a little bit more form-fitting and flattering on your body.

Fashion Trends About Linen Pants You Should Know

Knowing what to pair with your linen pants is ideal for planning your entire outfit for the day or night. You have so many options for these pants, like denim, and the choices are endless.

  • You can keep your style cool, and a bit casual with something light, such as olive linen pants with a lovely V-neck blouse and flat sandals with a hat, or you can throw on a singlet top with a kimono or cardigan. Keeping to the lighter theme, you can go with white pants, a olive top, for a clean look.
  • Your style will quickly become highly easy-going once you throw on a pair of flip flops and a bikini top with some sunglasses, pair it with a boho scarf over your shoulders to protect you from the sun, and you're ready for a beach party.

Why You Should Buy From Luna + Sun

At Luna + Sun, we aim to make you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin. We understand that some clothing can look amazing in the window, but it's just not the same once you try it on. We have a passion for fashion and aim to bring you an ethical and cruelty-free label. We aim to be one of the most eco-friendly labels in Australia and go out of our way to avoid all additional waste. Even our patternmaker designs patterns to make the best use of all the fabrics to reduce fabric waste. Order your garments online today or contact us for any further queries!