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All Luna + Sun garments are free from hazardous substances, such as toxic dyes, which ensures that our textiles are safe for people and the environment. Whilst all garments undergo a quality check during both the manufacturing stage and prior to dispatch, the lack of chemicals can cause the occasional garment to experience small colour runs or fading in areas where the natural mordant may not have taken to the fabric. Please take care when washing and use an organic or gentle environmentally friendly detergent.

Hand wash in warm water

Do not Soak, Bleach or Wring

Drip dry or dry without delay

Away from direct heat

Warm Iron

Dry Cleanable

When drying your linen it’s best to use a delicate setting and remove from the dryer when still damp and hang or lay flat to dry. Over drying can make your linen fabric brittle over time so please avoid laying it in the sun for a long period of time.

When ironing your garment it is best to iron when still damp or spray with a little water if dry. Ensure you have your iron set to ‘linen’ and avoid folding and ironing in the same place repeatedly as this can lead to breakage.

General Tips to Care for your Clothes-

(1) Follow your care instructions-  This is so important as different fabrics will have different care instructions so please ensure you read and follow these instructions when it's time to wash your items.

(2) Wash less-  I know this sounds a little gross but I only wash my clothes when I really need to.  Excessive washing not only wastes water but it also isn't great for your clothes.  Linen is naturally absorbent so you can go longer between washes than some other fabrics.

(3) Less Chemicals-  Try to use eco-friendly laundry detergent that doesn't contain harsh chemicals.  There are some great laundry detergents that are plant based and free from dyes, synthetic fragrances and sulphates. This is safer for your skin and safer for your clothes.

(4) Naturally Dry Clothes-  Drying your clothes outside instead of in a dryer is more energy efficient and ensures your clothing isn't harmed in the drying process.  So try not to use a dryer if you can as this will help your clothes last longer. 

(5) Learn Basic Mending Skills-  Basic mending skills such as learning to sew on a button or fix a hem are great tips to know to ensure your clothes are loved forever.  We will be helping you with mending tips throughout the year but if there is anything we can do to help before that please let us know.  Brisbane ladies I also know a few local alterations companies that can help you if you need it.