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Clothes that truly make you feel comfortable in your own skin

Beautiful mama of two Nina Morgan who is the Founder of Nurtur Tea recently shared with us a few reason's why she shopped sustainably during her pregnancies. 

"My body changed so much in pregnancy. It felt like every week my tummy got bigger and my boobs fuller. These were things I celebrated. The only issue was my wardrobe. Active wear was my daily go-to choice! I could have gone on a shopping spree for cheap fashion that would have done ‘the job’, however, it went against all my principles of being sustainable. Furthermore, I wasn’t keen on spending money on unethical maternity wear that I’d only use for a few months to then be forgotten at the bottom of my wardrobe. 

I’m so glad then that I found Luna + Sun. Free from toxic chemicals and truly sustainable, their maternity range and flowing dresses were like heaven to me throughout pregnancy and beyond when breastfeeding."

These beautiful photo's were taken by Aimee + Reilly Photography of Nina with her beautiful son.  We want to ensure all women can look and feel beautiful in sustainable clothing made to last and we are so honoured to hear these beautiful words by Nina. 

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