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Why Does Ethically Made Fashion Matter?

So why does ethically made fashion matter? 

This is a question I’ve been asked a lot by people that aren’t too sure what ethical fashion is.  A big part of why I started Luna and Sun was to help educate more people on the effects fast fashion was having on people, the environment and animals. This is why I wanted to introduce you to an incredibly inspiring woman who can tell you first hand the effects fast fashion is having on people – Nasreen Sheikh.

Nasreen escaped forced marriage, child labour, and extreme poverty, risking everything to experience freedom.  She now uses her voice to advocate for over 40 million people who still remain trapped in modern slavery.

At around ten years old, she became a child labourer for a textile factory in Kathmandu, Nepal. She worked like a machine for 12- 15 hours a day to complete the mountain of garments the manager put in front of her. The sweatshop operated for two years before it was shut down. She then chose to become a street kid, where others went to another sweatshop.

Please watch her video below as it is incredibly powerful and shows us how important it is to shop with ethically made clothing labels. Your voice is so powerful and together we can show fast fashion brands that they need to change. Just by voting with your dollars and shopping ethically made fashion or second-hand fashion you are helping create change. 

Nasreen has also created an organisation called Empowerment Collective and she is inviting inspired people, businesses, government, and media to address these injustices. Together, let’s create a world where no one has to suffer for fashion. You can find out more and ways to support Nasreen by visiting https://empowermentcollective.org

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