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What is a Mother's Blessing?


We recently spoke to the lovely Fatima Wheeler of @birthinggoddess all about Mother Blessings and why they are so important for soon to be Mama's.  Similar to Fatima we are passionate about helping women to feel supported throughout this huge change in their lives and we are so excited to speak to Fatima.  

What are Mother's Blessings?

The first time I experienced a Mother’s Blessing was when I was pregnant with my first baby Zephyr and my friend Sarah offered to do one for me.

I will never forget the love , support and encouragement I received that day. I felt so empowered for my birth and it made me so excited to birth my baby.

I wondered why this ceremony wasn’t really well known in the western world.

We have baby showers where all the focus is on the baby, presents for the baby, games revolved around the baby however the mama is completely forgotten.

When a mama births her baby she is completely transformed ..so why is it that no one honours her and this sacred rite of passage ?

This is when I began thinking of the idea to do it as a business. I was already facilitating them for friends and felt so passionate about creating a magical ceremony where the mama felt held, loved and supported.

Why are Mother's Blessings so important for soon to be mums?

If you have been to a Mother’s Blessing before you will know it is completely different to the conventional baby shower. 

There’s depth and meaning behind it and the whole ceremony is so intentional.

The amount of love the mama receives is indescribable and there is a whole lot of emotions from everyone.

It is so important that the mama feels the love , connection and support from the ones closest to her as they are the ones that will be there for her during postpartum. 

What happens at a Mother's Blessing?

During a Mother’s Blessing there are different rituals you can choose from.

Usually the facilitator will chat with the mama weeks before the ceremony to tailor it to what resonates best with her.

The only job on the day for the mama is for her to receive. It is that one day she can sit back & have her love cup filled.

I am so passionate about filling the mother’s cup and feel so honoured I am able to facilitate these beautiful ceremonies.

I am now located in Mexico so I’m writing a Mother’s Blessing Ebook for the women who would love to create & facilitate one for a pregnant friend whether it’s their first born or third born. It’s so important to have one for every baby because with every birth the mother is reborn & transformed once again.


Words by Fatima Wheeler and photo's taken by @tamcreative_. 

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