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UN Sustainable Development Goals

After my daughter was born mid last year, I took some time off from the business but I didn’t want to lose touch with what I was so passionate about - I wanted to continue to learn whenever I had some spare time.

Towards the end of the year, I was able to start an online course created by Fashion Revolution about Fashion's Future and The Sustainable Development Goals. I learnt so much from this course and I wanted to share what I learnt with all our customers so you know what a difference you can make by shopping wisely. The course content also reinforced the huge impact the fashion industry has on the planet.

This course also introduced me to The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and how the fashion industry plays such an important part in achieving several of these goals. It reminded me of the difference that we can make, despite being a smaller business, and reinforced my commitment to doing everything we can to help achieve these goals.

The SDG’s are a set of 17 goals that represent a universal call to action to ensure that we leave a better planet for future generations. After I had my daughter, it became even more important to me to ensure we leave the world in a better place for the next generation.

We know we are just a small business, but despite this, I am passionate about making a difference and influencing the change that is required in the fashion industry. It is my strong belief that if everyone makes small changes, we can together make a big impact! By simply shopping less, supporting ethically made and buying clothing from companies that support the SDG’s above, we can collaboratively help to achieve the SDG’s by 2030.

Teshani xx

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