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Sustainable Fashion Tips- How to be a Proud Outfit Repeater?

Hi Lovelies,

I know we can be made to feel like we can only wear something once and then we need something new as people have already seen us wear it.  But this is not the case, outfit repeating has become even more popular and it is such a sustainable approach as it ensures you are making the most from your current wardrobe.

Being a proud outfit repeater myself I have created a few tips for you to help make outfit repeating easier.   Wearing your items as much as possible and looking after them is so important and key to ensuring your clothing is truely sustainable. Remember when you buy quality items they will also last longer than their fast fashion counterparts as long as they are properly looked after. 

Tip 1: Get creative with styling ideas

Think outside the box on different ways you can wear your item.Can it be paired with sneakers and a hat for a casual look then heals and some nice jewellery for an evening look?

There are so many ways to make one outfit into so many looks.If you have bought an item from us and you need some inspo feel free to send me an email and I'm more than happy to help give you some ideas.


Styling tips

Tip 2: Care for your clothes


Remember to always read your care labels and always follow the care instructions.Caring for your clothes ensures they last longer.

Eco-friendly laundry powders are also a greatoption as they are safer for you and also a lot safer on your clothes. Also air drying your clothes is the most sustainable option and better for your clothes.

Sustainable styling tips


Tip 3: Mending your clothes

Becoming an outfit repeater means your clothes will most likely need some mending from time to time. But here's the good news- mending isn't too expensive and you can even learn how to do it yourself.

 I'm working on a new workshop to help you with this and I'll be sharing more about this soon so watch this space!

I hope these tips help you feel confident in wearing your clothes time and time again.  


Teshani xx

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