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Bump Friendly Sustainable Maternity Clothing To Feel Like Wonder Woman

Are you growing a tiny human inside your tummy? While that's a beautiful experience, it's not an easy task. You're busy focusing on everything from taking the right vitamins to drinking prenatal tea and eating an organic diet to give your growing bundle of joy the best possible start to life.

Whilst you're excitedly documenting everything - including your expanding belly, another part of you is having a low-key panic moment about your pants no longer doing up. And since you're all about living a conscious lifestyle, you've been trying to make your existing wardrobe last as long as possible, but things are getting pretty tight now. It's tricky because you're not keen to spend money on unsustainable and unethical maternity clothes that you'll only use for a few months and then shove to the depth of your wardrobe either. 

So, if you haven't already, we're here to permit you to put away clothes that no longer adapt to your changing body, support your desire to wear natural materials that do and introduce you to Luna + Sun's new maternity range.

Made from sustainable materials and free from toxic chemicals, the baby bump and motherhood-friendly tops and pants are here to support you through pregnancy and beyond.


Who Is Luna + Sun

We're an Australian made sustainable clothing label from Brisbane that's about empowering women in all walks of life, especially those entering motherhood. Teshani McManus, the founder and creative director, launched the label in 2019 while discovering she was pregnant with her daughter. Now, three years on, and with an adorable toddler by her side, she's launching a maternity range. 

"If there is ever a time in your life where you deserve extra support and comfort, it's when [you're] pregnant and after birth."

- Teshani, Luna + Sun founder and creative director


What Inspired the Sustainable Maternity Clothing Range?

Seeing a lack of sustainable maternity clothes looking for them herself, especially after going through a difficult birth and lengthy recovery, Teshani knew it was her calling to create what she was missing - comfortable and sustainable maternity clothing.

It's not only about creating sustainable products but about offering the Luna + Sun community investment maternity products that enhance every woman's motherhood journey. For example, Teshani says the new maternity range tops are "designed to help you feel more comfortable when breastfeeding in public", and maternity pants give new mums extra comfort after a c-section or birth. It's all about ensuring your new maternity wardrobe adapts to your lifestyle - not the other way around. 


Luna + Sun's New Sustainable Maternity Clothing Range Is All Natural

You've probably noticed that most maternity clothes are stretchy. This means they contain Spandex or Elastane, a synthetic (non-natural) material made from plastic and isn't breathable or sustainable. But Luna + Sun's sustainable maternity clothing is made entirely from natural fabrics, such as organic cotton and linen, making it one of the few Aussie maternity brands to do so. All the eco-friendly materials help reduce your environmental footprint, so you can wear them without feeling guilty. 


Sustainability is more than just the materials

It's about the entire process of how a garment is made. From how the fabric is created to the dyeing process to the sewing, Luna + Sun knows where their clothes come from and who made them. When you purchase a Luna + Sun product, you know that the woman who made your garment was paid a fair living wage, so by wearing a Luna + Sun sustainable maternity clothing, you know that you're supporting human rights and helping to reduce your fashion carbon footprint.  


It's An Investment

Clothing can be very sentimental. A pair of 'maternity' pants or a shirt you invest in during your pregnancy can be a beautiful reminder of such a transformational period of your life. You can keep wearing the piece beyond pregnancy and into motherhood and carry with you fond memories of when you were cooking your baby. Our intention behind the new sustainable maternity clothing range is to make it part of your 'forever' wardrobe, so you can keep wearing it again, and again, and again. 

We invite you to explore the new sustainable maternity collectionhere. 

Written by Evelina Kaganovitch 

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