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Australian Made Clothing

 Australian Made Clothing & Why It's Important to Shop Australian Made

Written by Evelina Kaganovitch (Fashion & Sustainability writer) 

Whether you're well-acquainted with Australian made clothing or dipping your toe into the water, there's a mirage of talented home-grown designers around the country. With a plethora of creativity in every corner of our beloved country, it's no surprise that buying from a small business is the best way to support the local economy. 

Australian made clothing is better because when you shop from a local business, you're also helping fund the dreams of designers working on sustainable fashion collections and Australian-made products. 


Who is Luna + Sun

Welcome - Luna + Sun, an ethical, sustainable, and cruelty-free women’s clothing and accessories label born from a passion for empowering women and created in the heart of Brisbane. Since launching in 2019, Luna + Sun has been on a mission to provide women around the country with stylish and motherhood-friendly Australian made clothing styles.


Our mission

But Luna + Sun's mission doesn't stop there; the Australian made clothing label's founder and designer Teshani McManus aspires for the impact to be felt in all corners of the world. But before going global, it's staying close to its roots with the recent partnership with Mantua Sewing. This Brisbane-based social enterprise provides local, ethical and high-quality design and manufacturing services for Australian brands by drawing on sewing skills and passions of women from Refugee and Migrant backgrounds. 


What we value

We know that purchasing an Australian made sustainable clothing item can sometimes add some friction to the wallet, but don't forget that it's an investment you're making into your long-term fashion style and advocating for the type of future you want to see. The higher the quality of a garment and the more care you take, the longer it will last. Don't be surprised if you pass on your linen pieces to your younger sister, daughter or niece for generations to come. 

How our products are made

Luna + Sun uses only natural plant-based fibres for their clothing range, with stunning soft linen taking centre stage. The product range includes a selection of breastfeeding-friendly tunics like the Shanti Blouse in a beautiful peach print, wear-anywhere pants, and summer dresses, including the gorgeous Mya style that women in all walks of life love - be it to wear to a weekend lunch at a winery, for a baby announcement or after the bub is born.  

Knowing exactly what's in the garments and producing everything close to home means it's easier to trace how sustainable the product is. In Luna + Sun's case, all fashion styles are designed and made in Brisbane. The Australian made clothing is ethically made from 100% Linen fabric with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification, meaning it contains no nasty substances and is safe to wear on the skin. 


The future of Luna + Sun 

Teshani recently launched a second venture called Luna + Sun Vintage, which offers second-hand options for customers. 

And she's doing that by sourcing and upcycling op-shop garments and giving them a second life. But it’s not only about finding products to upcycle. Teshani aims to,  

“Make Luna + Sun a label known for education, sustainability, and helping empower women.” 

The next time you're wondering if it's worth investing in Australian made clothing - remember that not only are you supporting the local economy. You're backing the future of fashion and making a small-business owner very happy! 

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