2020 was a crazy year for most small businesses and whilst we had hoped to release a new collection in 2020 it just wasn't possible with everything going on. For our new collection I wanted to create some prints as I know a lot of our customers have said they would love to see us include prints in our next collection. I spoke to several textile designers and eventually found the amazingly talented Kendelle Hobbs who hand drew these stunning motifs for our upcoming collection.

Unique to Luna + Sun, Kendelle custom designed these prints which had been crafted from original hand drawn fine liner illustrations and developed in Photoshop. Each motif has been inspired by traditional Indian architecture, capturing the beautiful and ornate details through a combination of floral and geometric elements.

From a sustainability stand point, digital printing offers a more sustainable printing method than other traditional printing methods such as screen printing. Digital printing offers the ability to print smaller runs of fabric with a quicker turn around, while reducing printing ink, water and fabric waste in the process.

There are two types of digital printing options:

Sublimation printing –
This type of digital printing uses heat transfer to apply the printing inks, which is used for synthetic fabrics. Sublimation printing could be used to print onto recycled PET Polyester or recycled Nylon fabrics using water based Inks.

Direct to Fabric Printing – (this is the printing method we have chosen to use)
This printing method uses a textile inkjet printer to print designs directly onto natural fabrics such as cotton/linen/viscose/silk etc.

As always we are only using natural fabrics and that are cruelty free as well as ensuring they have the Oeko Tex Standard 100 certification and are free from hazardous dyes.

Keep an eye out for our new collection launching soon!

Teshani xx


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